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Fly-in 2019

AfficheOn Saturday September 21st 2019 NZVC organizes a fly-in at the International Ostend-Bruges Airport (EBOS).

Exceptionally for this event, there are no landing and handling fees and parking is free during the event for registered aircraft.

In the afternoon, you can join our session of "Passion for Aviation" with speakers from the Belgian Airforce (in Dutch).
A seperate registration is necessary at Passie voor luchtvaart

Program (in local time)

10:00 start fly-in
11:30 information about our PPL course (in Dutch)
13:00 start Passion for Aviation (in Dutch)
17:15 Winching Demo NH90
18:00 end fly-in

Pilot information

The airport is an international, controlled airport in a control zone. This means that your airplane has to be equipped with a 8.33 kHz radio and a mode S transponder.

Gliders are prohibited

PPR is not required and there are no slots, but registration is required to have all landing fees waved!

A flight plan is mandatory both for arrival and departure and has to be filed before take-off.

Download the pilot briefing here!



The fly-in is fully booked!

We can't accept any more planes.



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